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Boarding Services

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for your feline companion. We are also committed to educating the public about quality cat care, spay/neuter programs, pet transport issues and support rescue efforts for stray and feral cats.

Boarding Facility

Our facility maintains a home-like atmosphere for your cat while providing the highest quality of care. Our staff are cat lovers and owners themselves.


Our boarding fees include bedding, litter box and litter and bowls. We suggest you bring the food your cat is accustomed to eating. We feature amenities such as private kitty condos, climate control playroom, TV/VCR entertainment.

Special diets are accommodated per your request and each guest has private storage facilities for their special foods.

Boarding Reservations

To make your boarding reservations, please call us at 817-354-5000 or email us at

However, emailing us does NOT guarantee a reservation. Please be sure that you receive a reservation confirmation from us either by email or telephone.

Boarding Policy

All boarding and grooming cats must arrive and leave our facility in a carrier. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All cats over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered. NO EXCEPTIONS. Cats must be current on rabies and distemper vaccinations. There is a 1 week waiting period prior to boarding to ensure your cat does not experience any side effects from the vaccinations.

All cats must be flea and disease free. If live fleas or flea dirt are found, your cat will be groomed and de-fleaed (at the owner's expense) before entering the boarding facility. If you suspect that your cat(s) has fleas before bringing them in, please call us prior to your boarding reservation to let us know.

All collars must be removed. They can be securely fastened to the handle of your cat's carrier.

All medications must be labeled with your cat's name, owner's name, vet's name, instructions, and what the medicine is for. Prescriptions in pill form or special diets are not a problem. However, we cannot administer injections or subcutaneous fluids.

Boarding Fees

We provide bedding, litter box and litter, and bowls. We suggest you bring the food your cat is accustomed to eating.

The Townhouse, 77" x 36" x 30", is our largest boarding cage and will accommodate two cats. $19.50 per night for one cat, $33.50 for two cats.

The Cozy Cottage, 34" x 38" x 30", is our medium boarding cage. $16.50 per night.

The Studio Apartment, 30" x 35" x 30", is our smallest boarding cage. This cage is good for a small kitten or an older, inactive cat. $13.50 per night.

Cats boarding over ten days will receive a 10% discount and over thirty days, a 15% discount is offered.

Discounts do not apply during peak times such as Spring Break, Summer, Thanksgiving or Christmas.